Sunday, August 12, 2007

Yellow or white?

I've ponder'd much, without a clue...
'Bout sunlight and its complex hue!
Is it yellow, or is it white?
How I've wondered day and night!

All my childhood when I drew
The clouds were white & sky so blue
And used just yellow for sun's hue
Did all that change as I grew?

Now wise-men talk of the prism's might
To scatter a rainbow by a ray of white
Blank is my mind, miserable my plight,
Knowing 'colours' are 'bending of light'!

Complex theories n' heavy jargon...
But yellow, not white, is my sun!
How do I gulp all that they say?
When I see that yellow, not white, is the ray.

Snow-peaks glisten in the morning sun
White are the peaks & the rays golden
Or is it that they're trying to claim...
That yellow & white are much the same!

Then I begged my mom for her to explain
This little puzzle that's causing me such pain
With a smile on her face, twinkle in her eyes
Something deep, she did philosophize...

"There's more to life than meets the eye
And all u see could be a lie!
Amidst silence there's a lot to be heard
And so much could be said without a word"

I couldn't grasp all that she said
But now when the sun-rays are spread
It troubles me not as it used to before
And I enjoy the magic all the more!

Acknowledgements -
Painting illustration - "Sunset Lake" - Anthony Ulinski