Sunday, April 15, 2007

The march of love...

I've been an ardent fan of the animation series called 'Pingu', depicting the everyday chores of a penguin family. So when the movie, 'The march of the (Emperor) Penguins' was released here on Friday, I decided to catch up with some 'real' cousins of 'Pingu'.

It was a typical National Geographic classic documentary, a story of survival against all odds... But I must say, I was moved by what I saw.

Thousands of flightless souls walking 120 kms. to reach their breeding grounds, many perishing on the way due to extreme exhaustion & hunger, their absolute fidelity for the season & the hardships they willingly embrace to raise their chicks!

What touched the most was the utter unquestioned trust these lovers have for each other & how much they are willing to risk & sacrifice for the little kid!

Once the egg is laid, the mother, after repeated rehearsals, transfers it to the dad & then proceeds to the sea to feed. Thereafter for 4 months the father stays back, goes without food, carries the egg on his feet & walks on his heels to protect it from the ice-cold snow below. He braves temperatures of -68C & icestorms on its back to protect the egg. After 4 months the chicks emerge & miraculously moms return well fed. The dad then transfers the chick to the mom & leaves to feed himself. These sequences are repeated till the chick is able to fend for itself.

Casualties are many, but the survivors surpass this count. The victories are of the spirits!

It's painful to see infidelity ripping off human families & the growing impatience, distrust & indifference amongst human lovers.
All afternoon soaps claiming to instill family values, & individuals lecturing endlessly about love & sacrifice, need to watch this 'March of love'.

Acknowledgments -
Painting illustration - Michael Skidmore


The Shaolin said...

Saggy, I have seen this documentary and can't put its essence in words better than what you have done!!!
It's not just routine documentary, it's more than that. And if you have eyes for them, you'll understand what Saggy has said. The one thing that keeps Emperor Penguins going is TRUST!!!

Sandeep said...

plannin to watch it this weekend...
a week or two back, had watched a prog on discovery (planet earth?)....saw the transfer of the egg and the chicks between father n mother....was overwhelmed by the efforts they put in....too good....

very well written post..

Rachit Awasthi said...

The blog lives again!