Sunday, March 14, 2010

To bee or not to bee?

Each time a bee hits a glass-pane
And thrusts its might, but all in vain...
I open the window & set it free
And pray that 'He' does the same to me!

In times when all that I may see
Is just one road for there to be
And if I'm weak or the path's too long
I better be smart than being plain wrong!

Is it cowardice to choose another path
Or is it smartness to skip the blood-bath?
Do you play to win or do you play to play?
Is an answer I seek from myself today...


me said...

Good one!
Though I wonder why you'd better be smart than being plain wrong... at least you are taking a stand. If you are wrong, you are.. but you atleast took a decision! Which is waay more than what many folks do.
And yes, welcome back :)

Sagar Bhanagay said...

He he thanks :-).
But here I'm not referring to the mistakes/incorrect decisions that are pardonable but those that will be punished severely or may grant no second chance to mend... It's that crossroad. Now can a member of the bomb disposal squad say that "I at least took a stand"? ;-)

Sharvari said...

Nice! Well worth the long wait...

From the opening verse itself:
'I open the window & set it free And pray that 'He' does the same to me!'

Puts one in a pensive a good way :)

Sagar Bhanagay said...

C'mon Feb,

We both know that it's not great on the literature front. I can do much better! :-)

It was just to vent out some dilemmas that I was grappling with...

OK, now your turn to update "On a different note"... :-)

me said...

Read Fountainhead?
Also, never knew you were a believer :)
Ditto to Sharvari... miss your great stories.

Sagar Bhanagay said...

Nope, haven't read Fountainhead. I'm a very ill-read person in general :-). I remember reading some to & fro between u & Ashu (if I'm not wrong) wherein he mentioned that it sucked! ;-). Hence decided to skip it unless u sell it to me :-).

Nope, I'm quite an atheist. But very rarely in times of extreme trouble/dilemma or when I'm feeling pits, I secretly wish for some heavenly intervention. Secretly wish to be rewarded for being good & being a do-gooder. Thoughts about 'Karma' & all do cross my mind. I guess it's just about coming to terms with certain things one has no control over... In that sense, I'm a pseudo-atheist. A phony, for that matter...

Regarding Sharvari... Earlier I used to introduce her as my sis-in-law. Now I introduce myself as her bro-in-law. How relationships change with time!!! ;-) :-)

Sharvari said...


Hmm guess I need to read Fountainhead real soon...:)


Now I've been a good way! :P

Preeti Edul said...

You play to play
There is no other way
If you play to win
Then you better befriend sin ;-)

Sagar Bhanagay said...

He he...

Can't one play to win, without a sin?
A heady cocktail less the gin...
You play with grit & play for success
And yet have fun & enjoy the process!...

Preeti Edul said...

Ans: NO.

On another note...Nice rhyme ;-) Pyaar ne tumhe shaayar bana diya.. wah wah ;-)

Sanjeev said...

Whenever you wrote this, looks like you were in a big dielema.

The question looks simple untill you try to answer it!

In first opinion, One should always play for playing. Thats the only way of giving your best performance to best of your abilities. Success or failure is byproduct dependent upon your play, conditions and your opponent. Caring about result will only distract you.

But If consequences of loosing are not known, neither the mind will release required adernaline & endorphin nor will your reflexes take over. Very few performances will be worth appreciating without any of these. Can you imagine a deer running its best unless it knows that loosing the race will cost its life? In such a race, both, the deer and the cheetah are playing to win, still none is at sin ;)

When the play is just for fun, you may choose to ignore the result and play just for playing. In other cases mind will autmaticaly start playing for winning.

Bravery doesn't mean foolishness. One should always take a path with less blood, unless you are travelling just for thrill and extreme adventure.

Frankly, I would like to admit that its very easy to comment like I am doing. When dielema grips me or probably anyone, all this theory vanish and mind gets paralysed.

BTW, even I would sell Fountainhead to you.

Sagar Bhanagay said...

Hehe... Good comment Sanjeev! Neatly thought out...